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Science and fiction of gender prediction

How many parents out there would like to choose the gender of their newborn? I bet – many. I have heard so many stories about parents trying to have a boy but keep having girls. One guy I have met recently has four girls and is still trying to have a boy.

Is there a sure way to predict baby gender? The simple answer is no. The science is not there yet. The only 1oo% sure way to choose the gender is to let doctors inject a mother with a preselected DNA extracted from a father.

Chinese charts and other baby gender prediction methods have pretty large margin of error, sometimes as large as 50%. Why is that? Mother nature is to blame. The evolution created a perfect process to ensure the procreation of species. When approximately equal number of both genders is being born, it ensures that the future generation will find as many mates as possible, therefore ensuring the survival of species. Mess with the process and you might negatively impact the population growth, which might not be a bad idea considering we are outgrowing the replenishment of natural resources.

Next time we will talk about different prediction methods and their accuracy.

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