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Gender Ratio

Let’s talk a little about something else rather than gender prediction. The ratio between available, heterosexual boys and girls. I’d like to emphasize “heterosexual” because I’m mainly focused on procreation.

And to all homosexuals who call the rest “breeders” I would like to say one thing: if not for heterosexuals you would not be here today.

Naturally, at birth boy to girl ratio is close to one with a slight skeweness towards girls. So during birth we have approximately same number of babies in each gender, the nature takes care of that. What’s interesting is that the ratio shifts more towards girls as babies become teenagers and young adults. Apparently more boys die during young years than girls because boys are involved in more dangerous activities. All that fighting, sports, dangerous games take toll on boys population.

If that is not enough, later in life boys are also more likely to turn gay and go to prison. That further diminishes a pool of available mates. In our modern society girls have more trouble finding a partner of opposite sex than do boys.

What does it have to do with gender prediction? Nothing, just wanted to point out an interesting statisitical fact.

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