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New test for unborn baby genetic disorders

That’s pretty cool

NBC story about genetic testing

There are few labs around that are already doing these tests. According to their studies – they are about 90% accurate in predicting 3 genetic deseasece right now. Unfortunately, they are not approved by FDA (too early for that). This means that you might have to pay out of your pocket, or work with your doctor and lab to bill your insurance.

I actually did a test in one of these labs, because my second trimester test showed high probability for down syndrom. The genetic test I did came up negative – meaning no chromosome abnormalities. Yey! We’ll see what happens, but I believe my baby will be just fine.

Anyway, here are couple of labs that do genetic testing, check their websites and talk to your OBGYN if you in a high risk category. Sure beats the amniocentesis.



Who knows, in a couple of years, you can do this test and it will tell you everything about your baby, eye color, hair color… ruining the surprise 😉

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