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How do you choose the best stroller

Monday 20 September 2010 @ 5:24 pm

It’s been a year since my baby girl was born. But I remember how long it took me to choose a stroller. I spent countless hours in ToysRus, trying different models. But, at the end, playing with strollers in a store is not enough. Until you get one on the road, you won’t find out all the little quirks that can make the stroller undesirable. That’s where you should consult reviews of your fellow parents. Sites like Amazon and ToysRus have plenty of reviews from people who own strollers. This stroller reviews site seems to aggregate lots of reviews in one place and allows you to sort strollers by number of reviews. It’s important to look at how many reviews a particular product received, not at the number of stars. A stroller that has 400 4 star-reviews is better than the one with two five-star reviews. For example, check out reviews for Bugaboo Frog, pretty nice, eh? It’s expensive but probably worth it.

Anyways, don’t settile for the first stroller that looks good. Remember, you will keep it for years.